Lightweight Aggregate Manufacturing Facility – Air Construction Permitting Assistance

Project Description

One of the greatest impediments to single-stream recycling is contamination. Increasingly, glass has become one of the most prevalent contaminants, degrading the quality (and value) of the other recyclables like paper and cardboard. This is resulting in more and more communities excluding glass from their single-stream recycling programs.

With fewer and fewer recycling outlets, the glass is being diverted to landfills. However, AeroAggregates has established a beneficial reuse of recycled glass that converts the waste into a lightweight aggregate that can be used in many different construction techniques. By “foaming” the post-consumer glass in a specially-designed kiln, AeroAggregates is able to create a product that is sold to the construction industry.



While prevalent in Europe, foamed glass manufacturing facilities have been slow to develop in the United States. AeroAggregates opened its first lightweight aggregate manufacturing facility in Eddystone, PA. Recognizing an emerging market, AeroAggregates is planning on building a second manufacturing facility in Dunnellon, FL.

To comply with the environmental permitting needs, AeroAggregates turned to JMG Engineering for assistance. JMG Engineering reviewed the proposed facilities characteristics and prepared an application for air construction permit for submittal to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. JMG Engineering developed emissions estimates from each of the regulated air pollution sources at the proposed facility and established a facility-wide potential to emit profile. The new facility is anticipated to be operation in late 2021.


Project Benefits

JMG Engineering was able to provide AeroAggregates with a thorough knowledge of FDEP regulations and air permitting requirements, allowing the company to create an important alternative to sending recycled glass to the landfill.

Project Details