Solid Waste Management

JMG Engineering offers a broad range of services related to landfill operation and management.  The landfill services we offer and types of projects that we are capable of providing include:

  • Site Investigations and Monitoring: landfill gas monitoring; waste extent and characterization; groundwater investigations; groundwater monitoring; leachate and surface water quality monitoring; and, preparation of corrective action plans
  • Landfill Closure: closure permitting; final cover design; long-term monitoring; maintenance and corrective action; and, financial assurance estimates
  • Landfill Gas Management: greenhouse gas production estimates; landfill gas assessments; landfill gas monitoring; and, landfill gas collection and control
  • Landfill/Environmental Engineering: environmental investigations; design and permitting of environmental controls including cover systems, leachate collection systems, storm-water management systems, groundwater monitoring and remediation systems; and, leachate and landfill gas collection and control systems