Recycling & Waste Minimization

Our client, Pasco County recently received standing authorization from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to utilize ash from the Resource Recovery Facility in roadway construction projects. As the first ever standing authorization on a county-wide basis in the United States, this approval was a watershed event and one that Mr. Gorrie is proud to have played a significant role in. Once fully implemented, the ability to beneficially reuse ash as a road construction material has the potential to save Pasco County millions of dollars in avoided limerock (traditional roadbase) purchases as well as extending the life of the ash monofill for decades, thus avoiding costly new cell construction. In addition, our firm offers the following waste minimization, pollution prevention, and recycling services:

  • Beneficial Reuse: preparation of beneficial reuse demonstration applications; 3rd party oversight of application of reused materials in the environment
  • Waste Minimization: assistance defining policy goals, raw materials and energy usage analysis; review of management practices; employee awareness and training, and; strategic business planning
  • Pollution Prevention: waste stream assessments; life-cycle costs assessments; supply chain analysis
  • Community Outreach and Education:  participation in Public Hearings and Public Workshops; presentation of significant County projects at State, Regional, and National conferences and symposia

Beneficial Utilization of Waste-to-Energy Ash

Communities that rely on waste-to-energy facilities have already made significant financial and political investments to serve their solid waste disposal needs for years to come; why not leverage that investment by expanding the benefits that your waste-to-energy facility provides? Recent developments at both state and federal levels have signaled a new willingness by regulatory agencies to approve beneficial ash reuse projects that demonstrate negligible threats to human health and the environment. We can help you both devise and implement these projects.

At JMG Engineering, we share your vision of a truly “zero landfill” community. With our proven track record of working with waste-to-energy facility operators and owners, we’re highly qualified to assist you in preparing beneficial use demonstrations for your waste-to-energy ash. We don’t rely on “secret ingredients” or “patented processes” to magically transform waste-to-energy ash into something that it isn’t. Instead, we identify real world use scenarios and employ sound environmental engineering principles to assess the risks associated with such uses. We then work within the established frameworks of environmental regulatory agencies to demonstrate that the reuse scenario is protective of human health and the environment.

Reducing the volume of your community’s solid waste stream through investment in a resource recovery facility was only the first step; now’s the ideal time to increase efficiencies by identifying and obtaining approval for projects that will turn your residual ash into a valuable resource.