Regulatory Affairs

The management of municipal solid waste systems is a highly regulated practice. A healthy and professional reputation with environmental regulators is critical for any integrated solid waste management system to succeed. JMG Engineering recognizes that the most costly or complicated technical solution to a solid waste problem isn’t always the solution that will be accepted by environmental regulators. With over 30 years of combined experience in working with environmental regulators at all levels, (from first year inspectors to Agency heads to elected officials) JMG Engineering can represent and insure your best interests are being presented.

  • Agency Representation: known and respected problem-solving with regulatory agencies
  • Grant Applications: assistance with preparation of grant funding applications; representation at grant funding selection hearings; project management and coordination with funding agencies
  • Solid Waste Master Planning: solid waste generation estimates, recycling participation estimates, financial assurance calculations
  • Expert Witness Testimony: pre-qualified as environmental expert on waste-to-energy matters under Power Plant Siting Act