Steam Improvements at the Huntsville Waste to Energy Facility

Project Description

The Solid Waste Disposal Authority (SWDA) of the City of Huntsville owns the Hunstville Waste to Energy Facility. The Facility serves the primary solid waste disposal needs of the City by combusting approximately 700 tons per day of municipal solid waste and converting the released energy into low-pressure steam which is supplied to the adjacent U.S. Army Redstone Arsenal. The energy requirements of Redstone Arsenal have evolved since the waste-to-energy facility was constructed in 1990 and the Army recently approached SWDA about the possibility of converting the low-pressure steam into high-pressure steam to power a steam-electric turbine generator for electrical generation.



Modifications to large municipal waste combustors are governed by a complex set of federal and state regulations. To better understand the regulatory ramifications of the Army’s request, SWDA engaged JMG Engineering to prepare a regulatory analysis and to verify the air permitting requirements that would be required to implement the improvements. Working collaboratively with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), JMG Engineering prepared an application for an air permit to authorize construction of the following:

  • Conversion of the boilers from low pressure to high pressure
  • Installation of two black start generators
  • Installation of a steam turbine generator
  • Installation of a cooling tower
  • Installation of miscellaneous site utilities

ADEM is currently reviewing the application for sufficiency and the project is expected to be implemented in 2022.


Project Benefits

JMG Engineering’s knowledge of the complex regulations associated with waste to energy facilities allowed SWDA to quickly and efficiently understand the regulatory requirements for this very important project.

Project Details