Pasco County PPSA Modification

Project Description

The Pasco County Resource Recovery Facility was issued a license to operate under the Power Plant Siting Act in 1988. The Conditions of Certification issued in conjunction with the license outline the responsibilities of the licensee and describe the compliance obligations not only for the Resource Recovery Facility itself but also for the various support activities associated with the Facility. Given the nature of ongoing changes and improvements at the Facility, it became necessary to modify the Conditions of Certification to accurately reflect the operation. To accomplish this, Pasco County enlisted the assistance of JMG Engineering, Inc. JMG’s experience with the Facility and the support activities date back to the issuance of the original Conditions of Certification. In addition, JMG’s understanding of PPSA procedures and experience with PPSA Modifications allowed the firm to efficiently assemble the necessary information and work with the FDEP’s Office of Siting Coordination to effectuate the Modification.

The primary change that needed to be incorporated into the revised Conditions of Certification related to the Landfill Operations Plan. The Plan had not been updated since 2009 and was actually two separate plans that were both contradictory and redundant. In addition, the County’s recently received Beneficial Ash Reuse Standing Authorization (as twice amended) needed to be incorporated into the Conditions of Certification. JMG Engineering worked in conjunction with another engineering firm (Jones Edmunds and Associates) to identify the necessary information and to assemble that information into a new Landfill Operations Plan. Once prepared, JMG worked with FDEP Office of Siting Coordination staff to shepherd the application through the agency review process.


Project Benefits

Pasco County invested significant time and resources into obtaining the Beneficial Ash Reuse Standing Authorization. Incorporation of the Authorization into the Conditions of Certification will allow the County to expand its ash reuse program and identify new projects for implementation.


Project Details