Ash Reuse Assistance – Northwest Transfer Station

Project Description

The Hillsborough County Resource Recovery Facility generates approximately 350 tons per day of combustion residue (ash) that is currently disposed at the County’s South County Landfill. Hillsborough County has recognized the economic advantages that can be achieved by beneficially utilizing the ash as a roadway construction material rather than managing the material as a waste. Accordingly, the County has invested time and resources into studying ways to beneficially reuse the ash and has initiated a unique demonstration project to use the ash to construct several thousand linear feet of roadway at their Northwest Transfer Station, primarily as roadbase on new queuing lanes for an expanded Citizen Dropoff Center.

Working as a subconsultant to SCS Engineers, JMG Engineering is assisting Hillsborough County with a peer review of the Design-Build team’s efforts implementing the project. The demonstration project elements of the overall project require that the Design-Build team properly design and construct the roadway system so that future studies can be used to advance similar roadways throughout Hillsborough County.



JMG Engineering’s experience with similar roadway construction projects in Pasco County is being utilized to make sure that the Design-Build contactor incorporates the demonstration aspects of the project, including:

  • Proper blending of ash and virgin materials
  • Proper placement of ash-amended materials
  • Adequate installation of monitoring devices to be used in the demonstration study


Project Benefits

JMG Engineering’s previous experience in assisting Pasco County with the implementation of their ash reuse initiative has been recognized by neighboring WTE communities, and the cumulative knowledge obtained will allow Pasco County to advance their efforts into the future.

Project Details